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Third Eye Chakra 💜

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Estimated continuous burn of 20hrs to 24hrs. Depending on the difficulty in your intentions, it can burn as little as 1hrs or 72hrs.

Comes with 2 bay leaves to write your intentions on (use both sides and leaves for 1 intention). You should only write 1 intention for 1 Blessing Candle to burn. For the spell to work, let it burn, leave 1cm of wax before you put out the fire.

Who is it for: "You do not know what you want and often believe that you can only find safety within your own power so even if someone has an opinion or suggestion, it becomes your goal to exclude it from your world of possibilities."

*For safety reasons, distance burning candles 1m away from all objects. Take note there should not be any objects hanging above the candle (e.g. Curtains, Bag).*

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."

What to use it for: For balancing your Third Eye Chakra, it helps to face your fears with courage and view your situation from a distance (in this case, Negative Beliefs, Close-mindedness, Learning Difficulties or Physical Pains on your forehead/ head/ ears/ eyes/ nose/ nausea) thereby inviting one to experience life with a big heart and room to receive possibilities. The result is to open yourself to receiving messages from your spirit guides and lend you their wisdom. To avoid overworking your chakras, it is important to identify your chakra imbalances with your practitioner first before using the Blessing Candle.