Moon Crystal Tarot

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Custom Positivity Sprays are made exclusively for clients who have had a Tarot Reading with Reiann. It is not open to the Public.

It comprises a wider range of organic herbs, flowers, fruits, and crystals which are brewed on different phases of the moon to suit your unique needs. With the Tarot Reading session, Reiann can help to customize according to your needs based on what she senses from your struggles and personality combined. Every person's Custom Positivity Spray is different from another.

How many: 1 for Healthy Situations/ Maintenance, 2 for Unhealthy Situations, 4 for Unhealthy & Healing Situations

How much to Use:ย 3 Pumps for each crystal (daily), 5ย Pumps over your body (daily),ย 20 Pumps in each room that requires cleansing (daily), Start with the 4 corners up and down before working towards the center of the room

Do let me know if you have any allergies.

*Please keep it away from direct heat or sunlight. Store them in the room or at cool temperatures. Remember to complete the entire bottle before its due date.*