Angels & Spirit Guides Report©

Our Angels and Spirit Guides are always around us to give us guidance through nature and what surrounds us daily.

Have you ever wondered what it means to see a repeated number or animal? How do you know if your Angels can hear you? And why do you have specific images repeating in your dreams?

The Angels & Spirit Guides Report© is a 5 page Digital PDF about your Angels and Spirit Guides; Human, Animal or Insect. This report is made with my Green Witchcraft practices on ritual, channeling and scrying.

It can help you to understand yourself better and recognize the signs around you with clarity. With deeper information provided by your Angels and Spirit Guides, you'll live your life with a fresh new perspective on situations to tap into your intuition better and have a conversation with your Angels and Spirit Guides to work on your life's purpose and/or direction.

Priced at $148, every word documented in your report will be personalized and crafted uniquely to you. Awesome Repeating Clients will get it for only $132.

In the 5 page digital report, I will help to identify:

- Who are your 3 Guardian Angels
- How to recognize signs
- The appearance and identity of your Human or Animal Spirit Guides
- What is your Spirit Animal 
- Who are your Animal Totems and Shadow Animal Totem
- What do they represent when you witness these signs and the messages they wish to share with you at this moment in time

Your Angels and Spirit Animal are fixed in your current lifetime. Whereas your Spirit Guides and Animal Totems are ever changing in the different phases or situation in your life hence it is recommended to get this report on a yearly basis.

Before you read your report, you have to understand that signs could take in the form of anything! An object, person, word, song, color, light, number, structure, animation, smell, feeling or even the shape of a passing cloud. Yet a sign is only recognized when it is repeated on different times of different days or in different situations. To reach out to me for an Angels & Spirit Guides Report, you can WhatsApp me at +65 8892 0411 or send me a Direct Message through my Instagram. 

As my time is limited, I can only curate 2 to 3 Angels & Spirit Guides reports per month. Once you make an order, your name will be queued on a waiting list so do get yours soon! I will notify you when I start on your report and have it emailed to your inbox.