Angels & Spirit Guides Report©

Have you ever been walking through nature and felt a sense of peace, or were given words to carry with you? It's likely that your Guardian Angel was guiding the way. You may not know it but they're always around us-even when we can't see them; their guidance is in everyday things like colors, numbers, animals, weather...maybe even dreams!

The Angels & Spirit Guides Report© is a 5 page Digital PDF about your Guardian Angels, Animal Spirit, Animal Totems and Spirit Guides; Human or Animal. This report is made with my Green Witchcraft practices and Kabbalah calculation.

Your Angelic beings are always with you, giving guidance and wisdom. They provide deep insight into who we truly want to be which helps us make better decisions in life so that our path becomes clear. With this knowledge from your Spirit Animal, Animal Totems as well as Guardian Angels, they can help tap into one's intuition more effectively while also having a conversation about what their purpose may have been all along

$162, every word documented in your report will be personalized and crafted uniquely to you. Awesome Repeating Clients who had gotten their report after August 2021, is only $99.


In the 5 page digital report, I will help to identify:

- Your Soul Guardian + Moral Guardian + Physical Guardian Angels
- Other connected Guardian Angel(s) identity
- Your Spirit Animal + Shadow Spirit Animal + Animal Totems
- How to recognize signs unique to your Guardian Angels and Animal Totems
- Channeled messages from your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides

You are born with your Guardian Angels and Spirit Animal. They stay put throughout all of life's different phases, while other energies like your Spirit Guides and Animal Totems change depending on what phase you're in or how situations evolve over time. A yearly check-in can help reconnect us to our guiding forces that have been there from the beginning!

As you read through your report, don't get too wrapped up in what it says. Pay close attention to your surroundings! A sign is recognized when it's repeated on different times of the day or in various situations. Signs can take many forms, such as an object; person (inclined towards one thing); word(saying) color light number sound structure animation smell feeling shape etc..

To book an Angels & Spirit Guides Report, you can WhatsApp me at +65 8892 0411 or send me a Direct Message through my Instagram.