Space Realignment

Healing starts from the soul and it's home. Many of us seek physical, emotional and mental health healing in various ways through Meditation, Counselling, Medication, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Exercise, Spirituality, Reiki, Fengshui, Witchcraft or Tarot... the list goes on. But even if you are in the healthiest of mindsets, you may not be living in a healthy environment to maintain it. Your goals, wishes and ideals will be at the risk of other influences that is not capable to support them. On rare occasions, spirits may also be an interference to your healing journey.

What Space Realignment does is to ensure your home is cleansed, energetically balanced and free of these tensions from the spiritual realm. This involves a personal trip down to your space to make certain adjustments to your setup.

Consultation - $165
For Consultation, understanding your needs requires a trip down to the location. I will analyze the space and give you a run through on what are some of the things you may need. Commonly, what you need is a normal cleansing ritual of the space unless I sense other forms of entities that may or may not be threatening to you. I will inform you and you can let me know how you want to proceed. Having spirits in the home is fairly common, there is no need to chase them away. If you have had uncomfortable experiences, do share them with me. It could be caused by spirits, it could be nothing. If you personally do not require Cleansing, you can skip the service.

Before thorough Cleansing is done to the space, it is encouraged for you to clean your space first. Yes, I mean you need to throw away your unwanted items, wipe, vacuum and mop. If you find it too bothersome, I will not force it on you either. Simply take this as a recommended suggestion. Having a clean home is the start of any Cleansing ritual to ensure what we want to Cleanse does not attach itself to unwanted items where energies are gathered and favored. Cleansing costs depend on the number of rooms or size of the space. I will send you a quotation. After your space is cleansed, it is important to setup a Protection Grid to ensure the process of Cleansing your space is not wasted. Please understand Cleansing is not a permanent effect, it is a necessary ritual to upkeep good energies throughout the year. It needs to be maintained.

Protection Grid
In any given space protection is needed especially right after a Cleansing ritual is performed. If you have a deity altar dedicated to your Gods and Goddesses, you will not need this service to help in spiritual protection. Please pray or make offerings to them for assistance in protection instead. The Consultation will help me to understand what types of protection you will need. Certain rooms may require different types of protection for different purposes or people. I will help you to customize it and send you a quotation.

Crystals Reorganization
The day of Consultation, I can also take a good look at your crystals collection and make notes on what you have. A quotation will be sent to you if you need Crystals Reorganization.

On a separate day, you and I will sift through together what crystals you should use, not use and if to use for what purposes. This can take hours depending on the size of your crystals collection. The service will be charged on the number of crystals that you want me to scan through as well. What to do with crystals that you do not use will also be taught and shared with you. I will help you identify crystals and group accordingly for different purposes too. Suggestions on preferred placements for them will also be shared with you.

My suggestion is to do a Tarot Reading before we do the Crystals Reorganization so that it can be adjusted to suit your specific needs accordingly. Without the Tarot Reading, it will be based on your experiences and what you wish to manifest. This method may not necessary be what you need to help overcome your obstacles. For Tarot Reading, please go to my Services to understand more.