Ritual, Spell & Preparation

All crystals from Reiann Riviera are personally loved and protected by Reiann. Before sending them off to individual homes, the crystals will go through a set of ritual cleansing and charging needed to kickstart your healing journey properly.

To ensure that you are unaffected by the mishandlings of previous hands, your crystals will be thoroughly Cleansed, Charged and Activated with my Positivity Spray and 7 Chakras Tibetan Singing Bowls.

The Positivity Spray used is specially brewed on every Full Moon to help atune your vibrations with the relevant Moon energies of that month.

Your crystals will also be activated with the sound vibrations from my 7 Chakras Tibetan Singing Bowls to help calibrate your Chakras. It allows you to receive positive energies that are ready to work with your body from the crystal. Your crystals will then be carefully wrapped in paper to retain it's energies properly before reaching you.

Custom Herb Bath
If you wouId like to work with your crystals on a specific healing journey, you can also request for a Custom Herb Bath of $20 to be included in your package.

This comprises of a small bag of delicately selected mixed herbs and flowers unique to your situation. The contents are invoked with a spell that help you work with your crystals better. Please do not drink it. Kindly use it during your bath to complete the spell.

It is much more effective for you to bathe with the spell on a specific moon phase, to which I will inform you when we discuss what you would like to receive healing from. Lastly, please do not puchase the Custom Herb Bath if you are allergic to plants and flowers.

Tip: Prepare the herbs bag in a small bowl or cup of hot water. Let it steep and cool over for 30minutes before washing it over your body. Doing so the spell is complete. Do dispose the used bag of herbs and flowers after.