Positivity Spray©

Positivity Sprays© are 💯 natural home brewed herbs and fruits used as a body mist for space clearing or crystals cleansing and charging. Each Positivity Spray is home brew with love and care personally by Reiann Riviera to uplift and promote positive transformation in a certain aspect of your current lifestyle!

It contain spells specifically for the user only; changing your attitude and approach towards your well being when you use the Positivity Spray. Through your change/transformation, your loved ones and surrounding people may or may not reciprocate with you better either because at the end of the day that is their choice. For yourself, it can help you to work with others better.

All Positivity Sprays are made with organic herbs and fruits, making our products vegan and animal cruelty free. There are no essential oils, no artificial coloring or dye agents added.

Every bottle comes with 1 tarot card reading. If there are more bottle purchases, you will get more tarot cards to make the reading more detailed.

Your Positivity Spray purchase comes with:
x1 Black cap midnight blue glass bottle spray
Home brew organic herbs
Crystal chips
Original artist Tarot/Oracle card
Concise handwritten reading by Reiann

    Since the launch of Positivity Sprays on February 2020, we have worked on every single recipe continuously to bring you unique scents. Today Moon Crystal Tarot have a total of 8 different Positivity Sprays namely Allure, Protection, Prosperity, Focus, Love, Clarity, Communication and Opportunities with different Moon blessings (Supermoon, Solar Eclipse or Lunar Eclipse) on every Full Moon of the month. If you do order Positivity Sprays from us, we will commence the brew only for orders made before the Full Moon date. If your order happens on the date of the Full Moon, you will only receive your Positivity Spray in the next upcoming Full Moon.

    Note: All Positivity Sprays have a shelf life of 3 to 4 weeks. There is 0.03% alcohol content found in our Positivity Sprays, do avoid spraying on your body if you have sensitive skin. For safety purposes, test it on your arm first before using.