Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulum Dowsing is a tool and practice that many witches use to communicate with their spirit guides, commonly over a piece of cloth that has a few indications on the basic responses they can provide like "Yes/ No/ Maybe". Traditionally, it was used to find potential treasure loots on world maps. In modern times, some Reiki masters use the pendulum to detect chakra imbalances hovering over the human body too.

In my personal studies of Crystals and Chakras, I have also formulated a method to identify chakra imbalances within our body. It is fairly simple to learn and ideal for muggles who are not sensitive to energies. This is a bridge between the spiritual realm and the user to connect with energies that are normally unseen, unfelt or unheard. It requires using a faceted crystal pendulum that is energetically connected with the user to perform a pendulum dowsing over a crystal. Depending on the directions and patterns simulated by the pendulum, it can tell you varying layers and understanding about your chakra imbalances.

This is also a free service I provide on my Instagram Weekly Friday Live Sales to help customers pick the right crystal to connect with. Some whom have benefited in the past, have also learned the basics of Pendulum Dowsing and performed it in their monthly New Moon and Full Moon rituals at home. It all starts with using your first energetically connected crystal pendulum to discover a whole other realm that you may not have had the chance to connect with deeply!

Today Pendulum Dowsing is not commonly practiced, making it easy to confuse with the trending term, Intuitive Pick as well. What Intuitive Pick really means is to tap onto one's intuition to sense a preferred crystal for the user. While this is an act that can be performed by anyone, muggles will not be able to provide an analysis on why this particular crystal is preferred. An experienced practitioner can educate you with deeper insights on why and how you can continue to work with it. With that said, you shouldn't need to feel upset if you do not have the psychic abilities of a Clairsentient/ Clairvoyant/ Clairaudient/ Claircognizant. Without having them, you can still sense and identify crystal energies with a crystal pendulum!

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