Location & Directions

This is a very exciting time for me! I have just moved into my new home at Phoenix Park and am now officially open for appointments--Crystals & Green Witchcraft tools shopping, Private Live Sale, Consultation, Tarot & Chakras Reading. The space is very small so please be patient if you visit -- It can only accomodate 2 customers per appointment. Pets are not allowed in this building. Do remember to make an appointment via WhatsApp to avoid any disappointment.

316 Tanglin Road #02-04, KOP KLAE building, Phoenix Park, Singapore 247978

Operating Hours:
Monday - 5PM to 9PM 《Half Day》
Tuesday - 1PM to 9PM
Wednesday - 1PM to 9PM
Thursday - 1PM to 9PM
Friday - 5PM to 9PM 《Half Day》
Saturday - 1PM to 9PM
Sunday - 1PM to 5PM 《Half Day》
Kindly refer to the photos below to find the entrance and stairs to the shop. LEFT, Entrance. RIGHT, Stairs.
KOP KLAE building is two stories high. Take the stairs to the 2nd floor. Notify me on your arrival to have me greet you by the door. :) Please note that there are no lifts in this building and it is not wheelchair friendly.

Among the greeneries, this is a historic site that was once an ex-british secret service base around the Tanglin area. Here is an excerpt from The Smart Local,

"Phoenix Park was officially constructed in 1949 by the then-British government and used to house key offices during the period of their administration. A famous example is the British spy agency, Security Intelligence Far East, which operated from Phoenix Park. The agency regularly dealt with top secret information, and it’s not hard to imagine someone like James Bond having worked here."

Over here you can find very popular restaurants and businesses like SPRUCE, Bread Beer & Brez'n, Twig and Twine, Fluorish Bakehouse, WWF, Singapore Environment Council, and further down, Dempsey Hill is just 4 minutes drive away.

By Foot

There are 2 ways to enter the establishment, either through the Entrance or Side Gate (Gate 3). The park is enclosed in a tall wired fence so you have to walk around it to get in. The Side Gate is the nearest way in and it is also sheltered.

[Non Sheltered] Through the Entrance, make your way up the slope to the right side of the park. You should see KOP KLAE building on your right side.

[Sheltered] Through Gate 3, walk straight and you will see a flight of stairs at the end of the path. It leads up to the back of a building. Once you are on the top of the stairs, you have reached the back of KOP KLAE building. There is no proper foot path to the front of the building, walk along the sides to get to the front.

By MRT and Bus

Redhill MRT
- Take Bus 132 Opposite Redhill MRT (10201)
- Stop Opposite Chatsworth Road (13031)
You will see a green Side Gate to Phoenix Park labelled Gate 3.

Orchard MRT
- Use Exit B
- Take Bus 111 Ghim Moh Terminal (09022)
- Stop Before Chatsworth Road (13039)
You will see a green Side Gate to Phoenix Park labelled Gate 3.

By Car

Monday to Saturday
7PM to 7PM - $0.80 per half hour or part thereof
7PM to 7AM - $2.50 per entry

Sunday & Public Holiday
7AM to 5PM - $2.50 per entry
5PM to 7AM - $2.50 per entry