My Witchcraft Practices

Witchcraft are occult practices that have existed for hundreds of years from all over the world namely Africa, America, Egypt, Europe, India, Japan and more... Throughout the long history, there were many misunderstandings on Witchcraft that have caused innocent deaths in supposed Witch's Trials. The notorious Witch event most people have heard about today took place in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 where children as young as 4 yrs old (her name, Dorothy Good) were accused to be practicing Witchcraft because they exhibited symptoms and behaviors of Witchcraft (e.g. fits, body contortions and uncontrolled screaming). These events happened because people in the past lived their lives based on folklore and the conversion to a different belief such as Christianity was incredibly slow moving. In the evolution of Witchcraft, many of which practiced today are heavily influenced by Wiccan or Pagan beliefs.

For me - Like many young witches, I started my interest in Witchcraft based on what I saw on television. While the girls at my school were reading story books on love and keeping up to boyband music with LIME magazines... I was much more interested in what I saw in movies and dramas like "Charmed", "The Craft" and "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch". It was not long after playing with the Ouija Board on a daily basis and scaring away a couple of friends, did I tell myself I had wanted to take the craft seriously and responsibly. At age 13, I became a Wiccan. 

Through Wicca, I formed my first set of base beliefs in Witchcraft. Also with the studying of occult arts for many years, it has also educated me in the common misunderstandings of Witchcraft still happening today (no thanks to mass media).

Here are some of the Common Misunderstandings:

  1. Witchcraft is Harmful and Evil
    Truth is, there is no White or Black in Magick. There is only Magick that is used for Good or Evil. In my beliefs as a Wiccan, I am bounded by my duty in the "Rule of Three". It is a rule that stresses on your actions as a Witch to do good for people. This promotes more good to be returned back to me three times over. Likewise doing bad, will be returned three times over. 

  2. All Witches worship the Devil
    Strangely, most Witches do not believe in the Devil a.k.a Satan because Satan is a Christian construct outside of Witchcraft. There is the Horned God, Cernunnos who is always depicted as a man with horns/antlers on his head but he is most definitely not the Devil or Satan. 

  3. All Witches make use of Animal Sacrifices
    As a Wiccan and a nature-based practice of its own, Wiccan witches are very respectful of nature. We love animals and strongly believe in what nature can do to help provide healing. Therefore, blood sacrifice is not in my books or practices. Offerings made to Gods and Spirits are often bread, wine, fruits, flowers, plants, milk or honey.

Right now, you must be wondering, "Okay, so you are a good witch but why do you call yourself a Green Witch, Reiann?"

Well, witches have different interests! Our belief system does not dictate our interests in the occult arts and so many of us form very different methods and ways to conjure spells and healing for our clients and self. Witches like me prefer to perform spellwork with gardening, herbs, crystals, faeries and moon phases that are much more focused on healing with Green practices. There are also other witches that use different forms of practices like astrology, weather, elements, folklore, traditional ceremony, deities and many many more...

Once you have a clear understanding that not all witches believe in doing harm in order to do good, you know where to look and whom to seek for your healing journey. I believe you now also understand that performing spellwork is not as simple as putting a couple of things together. It is a religion and a way of life that one devote themselves into to perform such healing work for others. So next time you meet someone who does spellwork, make sure to ask more about them to understand their practices. Blessed be!

Note: I will never encourage or support you in a cause to perform a spell on a person or animal. Nor will I be responsible for your mistakes in spellwork. I cannot help you undo what you have cast. Live responsibly. Accept your consequences. Serve your karma and move forward. Spells should never be misused and all have a cost the caster has to bear.