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Crystals Channeling

Channeling is the process of communicating with Angels, Spirit Guides or Animal Totems through the use of Green Witchcraft rituals. My Clairsentient abilities allow me to do this by physically touching an object that has a message for its owner; these messages can include advice on how best handle certain situations in life. The crystal may also embody Angels, Spirit Guides or Animal Totems who take residence inside them--all having their own special task overseeing us from beyond our world. Crystals are an ancient remedy for healing. They're powerful tools that work hand-in-hand with your Tarot & Chakras Reading session. Receiving a channeled message for your crystal comes at just one price - $10 no matter its size or shape! You can mail me your crystal(s) or choose to pass them to me during a visit to the shop. I highly recommend that you bring those pieces that you have worked closely with. I look forward in delivering messages from beyond!

Note: Channeling and Pendulum Dowsing are 2 different practices. 🙏🏻 They should also not be confused with Intuitive Pick. Channeling does not require any tool, it is done through psychic means; The medium connect with other realms to provide you with a message. Dowsing in itself is unique to the pendulum and has multiple usages! With the pendulum, you can check/ heal chakras, search for lost items and communicate with spirits.