Crystals Channeling

Channeling of crystals is done through my Clairsentient psychic abilities of physical touch, ritual and intuition to gather messages from a crystal that has a message for its owner. Your crystals may embody Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Angels or Animal Totems who are Young/Old or from the Past/Present/Future timeline. You might be curious to know... "What messages do they have for you? Why have they chosen to work with you during this period of time and what you can learn from them."

If you have been collecting crystals as a hobby and would like to benefit from this experience, this is a good chance for you to connect with your crystals on a deeper level. Channeling of crystals takes a lot of time and energy therefore it is difficult to quantify the costs through time.

They cost a fixed rate of $10 per crystal no matter the size or shape. A crystal bracelet is still $10.

Likewise you can mail me your current crystal collection or choose to pass them to me during your Tarot Reading session to get Channeled Messages. I highly recommend you to bring those that you have worked with frequently. I look forward to delivering those messages to you!