Reiann Riviera

Reiann Riviera is a Singapore Green Witch with over 10 years of experience in the field. She has mastered many forms and techniques, but her passion lies within Green Magick - catering specifically to nature loving people! A down-to earth person who loves nature as much she does her craft.

She started her business in November of 2019 when she was encouraged by friends and loved ones. She is committed to spreading the healing power of nature through green practices, conservation efforts for wildlife species as well as donations made at times when it's needed most!

In her practice, she works with people to heal themselves through different means. The first of which is Green Witchcraft and crystals along the idea that there are energies around us in every day life which may need healing for whatever reason; whether it be emotional trauma or just general neglect from ourselves when we were younger - all these things can stay trapped inside a person if they're not addressed properly but won't always manifest into something bad later down the road. Alongside this approach lies chakras (energy centers) located throughout your body--some major ones being the heart & root.

When you buy from Reiann Riviera, your purchase is a commitment to the environment. Not only does it help green actions by using fewer materials and recycled paper in its packaging; but also ensures that what we have bought can be reused or recyclable! Most of our materials are all made out of Environmentally Safe (ES) papers which means they will not harm animals if thrown away during recycling processes.

I want to Thank you for your cooperation! If you do not wish to keep the leaf included in your box, kindly throw it away with any other trash. We are sorry about this inconvenience but please know all of these plants come from a sustainable source and will only benefit your garden when used correctly so don't forget what they're good for - just like how I won’t. ;) We hope you will enjoy your stay in our community! If there is anything that we can do to assist with the disposal of any unwanted crystals or stones, please let us know. We appreciate all who helped make such wonderful things happen here at Reiann Riviera!