My Story

Reiann Riviera is your Local Green Witchcraft Store managed by Reiann, currently situated at little red dot, Singapore. She started it's budding growth on November 2019 through the continuous support of her boyfriend Aaron, her friend Kellie and faithful clients. As of 2022, Reiann Riviera Pte Ltd is now a registered company in Singapore.

It's objective is to introduce new methods of GAIA healing that can bring you closer to nature as she works mostly with her hands. She also supports green movements in environment and wildlife conservation through donations and in her practices. Her healing practice comprises of Green Witchcraft, Numerology, Chakras, Moon Phases, Tarot, Angels, Spirit Animals, Animal Totems, Spirit Guides and Crystals. She is referred to as a Green Witch and to some of her customers she is a friend. She is also a proud Plant Mom to her herbs and Ex-Fish Mom to her 3 goldfishes, Goldeen, Black Pearl and Venus.

All products are personally sourced by Reiann from honest suppliers all across the globe and put together with her sets of belief that can help you in healing. Her clients are from all walks of life, different backgrounds, religion, colors and sexual orientation; in support for a positive community in LGBTQ+.

When you buy from Reiann Riviera, you also support actions in it's green packaging to ensure what you bought is recyclable. Do note that our products are only available through Instagram, Facebook or on this Website.