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IntroductionHerkimer Diamond is a double-terminated quartz crystal with moh higher than most quartz crystals. It is not a diamond. It was discovered in Herkimer County and hence had its name but is not unique to Herkimer county only. It can also be found in Germany, China, Afghanistan, England, etc. Compared to real diamonds, they are much more ethically sourced because they are mined above ground in clay deposits. Value in Herkimer Diamonds depends on the Clarity, Color, Cut, Carat and Origin from Herkimer county. PropertiesHerkimer Diamonds have good energy flow being natural double-terminated quartz which meant that it is ideal for meditation and spiritual healing....

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IntroductionLemurian Quartz is a Master Crystal known for its deep ladder striations on the sides of its faces, which can be found in Brazil (The Diamantina Mine in Minas Gerais) or Colombia. Other types of Lemurian crystals include Smoky Quartz, Citrine, Hematite/Iron inclusion Quartz. Lemurian Seed can only be found in a specific mine and location in Brazil (The Serra Do Cabral Mountains Mine in Minas Gerais, near Joaquim Felicio).Legend has it that these crystals are buried by the wise, blond and tall elf looking Lemurians that live on the island of Mu/ Lemuria. They are a group of an intelligent races known...

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