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IntroductionLemon Quartz is a combination of Yellow Quartz, Amethyst and Iron heated at high temperatures to create a green sunny yellow toned quartz. The treatment is manmade and not natural. Yellow Quartz and Amethyst used are commonly found in Brazil and very often mistaken and sold as Citrine. Because it is such a common mineral, it can be found in many parts of the world. PropertiesLemon Quartz opens up the optimism of the user to world's endless possibilities especially if you are known to be stubborn about your ideals and knowledge of the universal balance. This works very closely to your personal insecurities...

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IntroductionChrysoprase (also known as Stone of Venus) is a type of rare Chalcedony in colors of opaque to translucent olive green, apple green and yellow. It can be found in Australia, Indonesia, India, Germany, Russia, Brazil and America. The intensity of the apple green colors determine the quality and value of the stone. Common misunderstood names are Emerald or Australian Jade.PropertiesChrysoprase opens up your mindset of what you have learnt and known to understand your personal struggles within yourself. It encourages you to abandon your past and old patterns, especially in areas that you feel most attached to. This surrender will inspire you to create new...

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IntroductionHerkimer Diamond is a double-terminated quartz crystal with moh higher than most quartz crystals. It is not a diamond. It was discovered in Herkimer County and hence had its name but is not unique to Herkimer county only. It can also be found in Germany, China, Afghanistan, England, etc. Compared to real diamonds, they are much more ethically sourced because they are mined above ground in clay deposits. Value in Herkimer Diamonds depends on the Clarity, Color, Cut, Carat and Origin from Herkimer county. PropertiesHerkimer Diamonds have good energy flow being natural double-terminated quartz which meant that it is ideal for meditation and spiritual healing....

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