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IntroductionPurple Fluorite is one of the most common colors from the Fluorites family, found in China, Mexico, Spain, Canada and etc. Other common colors of Fluorites are Green and Yellow. Rare colors of Fluorites are Lavender, Blue, Orange, Brown, Gray, Brilliant Yellow, those with Phantoms and some interchanging between Blue and Green colors under sunlight and room light. The rarest of colors are Chrome Green, Pink, Red, Black and Colorless.PropertiesPurple Fluorite is a stone that helps you to manage your fears towards the unknown and unpredictability of life. Someone who feels trapped in a situation will get to benefit with confronting these energies. It...

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IntroductionLavender Fluorite, also known as Yttrium Fluorite is a rare stone comprising of Yttrium and Fluorite, found in Mexico and Brazil. It has a soft color tone of white, green, purple, lilac, gray and sometimes translucent.Fun Facts You can find it as a transition metal in your periodic table, atomic number 39. Lunar rocks from the first Apollo mission contained Yttrium. Yttrium has no known biological role, though it is found in most, if not all, organisms and tends to concentrate in the liver, kidney, spleen, lungs, and bones of humans. Normally, as little as 0.5 milligrams (0.0077 gr) is found in...

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