Porcelain Jasper Properties & Chakras

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Porcelain Jasper Properties & Chakras

Porcelain Jasper (also known as Sci-Fi Jasper or Exotica Jasper) is a type of brecciated jasper that can only be found on the mountains of Sonora, Mexico with creamy colors of beige, red, pink, purple, grey. It's outlook reminds you of a softer Tiffany Stone. Given it's name by the Ancient Mayans who were known for their extremely accurate calendar, it was used by the shamans for protection. Porcelain Jasper was seen as a gift from nature with magickal powers.
It is no wonder the Mayans treat Porcelain Jasper as a highly spiritual stone for their magickal rituals and healing. The guidance and healing you will receive from this stone works very closely to your angels and spirit guides. A call for surrender works through you when you need answers. If you have been closely connected with your guides, you will find that using this stone opens up your faith to your Gods and Goddesses. You are reminded to have patience in their guidance, to release expectations and to relearn what you once know. This is wonderful for people who struggle with their journey and path in life, especially those who are going through a quarter life crisis or mid life crisis. You may have found yourself detaching from the activities in your everyday or quietly isolating yourself from the public. If this is you, I urge you to lean on the magickal assistance from this stone. This is a period of failures through trial and error. You may feel intimidated by the reset button that has been activated but don't let these challenges paralyze you. However difficult it may be to open yourself up to vulnerability, this is necessary for a transformational change. Take good care to monitor your well being and try not to trouble yourself with others in this period. You are the current focus and priority, everything else will have to wait.

This is a great stone for people working in fast-moving industries like Creative, Trends, Beauty, Technology and Finance. Fire elemental crystals or stones will invigorate your motivation to push through unpredictable hardships.

Activated Chakras
Out of 7 chakras, this stone works with 5 chakras to bring about healing. The 5 chakras namely Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Heart Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra. This interesting healing combination works on your struggles with your Root Chakra and Heart Chakra. The amazing energies from the Porcelain Jasper taps onto higher chakras to provide balance and guidance from your angels and spirit guides.

Chakra Health
If your Crystals/Stones Pendulum does a clockwise spin, you can rest assured that you are in the right vibrations through your healing state on its properties. An anti-clockwise spin indicates the lack of awareness, acceptance or understanding of the matter. This means you should meditate more to work on balancing your chakras and finding your answers.

Crystal Care
Highly recommended to cleanse and charge it with moon water first before activating the charge with a Root Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowl. If using a Clear Quartz Singing Bowl, you can use it to charge your crystal without using moon water. Cleansing the crystal still requires water only.

Read "Why I only use Water, Moon, Wood and Sound for Cleansing and Charging Crystals" to Understand deeper about proper care with Crystals

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