Orange Scolecite Properties & Chakra

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Orange Scolecite Properties & Chakra

Orange (also known as Peach or Pink) Scolecite is a white fibrous zeolite stone with other trace minerals found in India, Iceland, Africa, Europe, USA and Germany. It is commonly grown with Apophyllite, Stilbite and Heulandite. The name Scolecite was named after a Greek word "worm" to represent it's curl when heated with a blowtorch. It has a silky outlook similar to that of Selenite.

Orange Scolecite works on the insecurities surrounding you especially around what people think of you and how it affects your day to day struggles at work, at home and in your friendships. If you always have had difficulties finding acceptance within yourself, it will help you to resurface these feelings with better clarity. In these moments, you will question yourself if the words or phrases said to you relates with your identity and how that affects your outward expression to them in return. Do you block your kindness, generosity and openness to give and provide? Does that somehow relate to what was being said to you or how you were seen by them? Through working these emotions surging within you, you learn to separate the differences and release the anger that is not attached to you. You understand what, where and who you associate with your inner being. Carrying this stone around, will encourage you to seek peace in an unfriendly and unexpected confrontation. It slows down the pace and allow healing pains building up in your chest area, most of time this has to do with the amount of anger you are holding back. It is also a good sleep companion if you have constant dreams pertaining to the matter that you struggle with. It works on being selfless and releasing the uneasiness of the fear you have been experiencing. Take note this will only work well for people who are open to resolve their issues, if you have not worked on your resolve you may not want to work with this stone yet. 

This is a great stone for people working in fast-moving industries like Creative, Trends, Beauty, Technology and Finance. Fire elemental crystals or stones will invigorate your motivation to push through unpredictable hardships.

Activated Chakras
When you working with Orange Scolecite, it works through your difficulties in your Solar Plexus Chakra to your Heart Chakra and realign it with your Sacral Chakra so that your Crown Chakra challenges may be better understood. It moves up and down different chakras so take care not to rush your healing process.

Chakra Health
If your Crystals/Stones Pendulum does a clockwise spin, you can rest assured that you are in the right vibrations through your healing state on its properties. An anti-clockwise spin indicates the lack of awareness, acceptance or understanding of the matter. This means you should meditate more to work on balancing your chakras and finding your answers.

Crystal Care
Highly recommended to cleanse with Selenite and charge it with Full Moon energies before activating the charge with a Sacral Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowl. If using a Clear Quartz Singing Bowl, you can use it to charge your crystal but cleansing the crystal still requires Selenite.

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