Kammererite Properties and Chakras

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Kammererite Properties and Chakras

Kammererite is an extremely rare stone and member of the Chlorite family. It has a mixture of bluish-white, yellow, greens and shades of violet, grape and eggplant purple hues. The most valuable ones are bluish-white mix purple with high chatoyancy, sometimes even with Pyrite.

The Kammererite heals you on a deep level sending pulsating waves throughout your veins and especially in the area where it is placed. It is a stone that encourages new perspectives in your approach, removing any obstruction to help you feel and see what is possible again. It works on your fears of getting in touch with your emotions, not because you do not love yourself but you find it hard to make a decision that relies solely on your feelings which you do not trust. If you are not a big believer in visualizing your dreams into reality, the Kammererite will show you the way. Energies within this stone will start tackling thoughts that revolve around your identity; who you are, what you are capable of and what you deserve. As you work through these affirmations, you will be questioned on why these thoughts are not aligned with what you feel about yourself.

*This part may open up shadow work for some of you in the process so look for a Root Chakra Crystal or Stone to pair with your Kammererite during meditation if you find it too overwhleming.*

A lot of acceptance will be worked on before you start to realign yourself with the goals and dreams that you wish to develop on further. You may also question yourself why haven't you been promoting healthy self talk. If you had, you will see that the possibilities in this world for you is endless. That's when spontaneous ideas, emotions and passion for this unfeasible project will start to suffice for you to make those dreams into a reality.

This is a great stone for people working in fast moving industries like Creative, Trends, Beauty, Technology and Finance. Fire elemental crystals or stones will invigorate your motivation to push through unpredictable hardships.

Activated Chakras
*It's energy is powerful and not recommended for long usage for those who are very sensitive to energies. Take frequents breaks and shake it off to release the energy surge.*

This stone will activate all your Chakras to work through each Chakra on a clearing so that it becomes a clear flow out of your Crown Chakra. If you had any blockages in your Chakra, it will be good to start your meditation with the Kammererite first to open up your channels. The energy gets stronger when it reaches the Heart Chakra, working you through layers of your Heart Chakra before aligning it with your thoughts on your Third Eye Chakra. 

Chakra Health
If your Crystals/Stones Pendulum does a clockwise spin, you can rest assured that you are in the right vibrations through your healing state on it's properties. An anti-clockwise spin indicates the lack of awareness, acceptance or understanding on the matter. This means you should meditate more to work on balancing your chakras and finding your answers.

Crystal Care
Highly recommended to cleanse with Selenite and charge it with Full Moon energies before activating the charge with a Root Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowl. If using a Clear Quartz Singing Bowl, you can use it to charge your crystal but cleansing the crystal still requires Selenite.

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  • Kaiju

    Hi Reiann, I just want to let you know that what you mentioned about the energies from the Kammererite getting stronger as it reaches the Heart Chakra is true!! I experienced it for myself personally.

    So Iast week I was working with palm which I bought from you. At the beginning I got these messages that I should try to relax and just chill abit. Then I guess as it moves to my upper chakras, I felt this tightness in my chest and I realised I was kinda holding my breath a bit too much than I should. I started to get this overwhelming feeling and I received this message that I have been to hard to myself. I need to be more forgiving and I am worthy the way I am. I almost cried. That felt so emotional. I never expect to feel such strong energies meditating with Kammererite.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I really appreciate you setting up the “Crystal Sanctum” on your website so we can read and learn more about the properties of different crystals and pick out the best crystals for our own healing journey. I look forward to more entries from you :)

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