Blue Aventurine Properties & Chakras

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Blue Aventurine Properties & Chakras

Blue Aventurine is a misled name that does not actually represent Aventurine. Commonly in colors of blue steaks, white, silver and grey. It is Dumortierite in Quartzite, not to be mistaken for Quartz which can sometimes contain traces of Mica. It can be only be found in Brazil, India or Russia. 

Blue Aventurine is great for people who have never made it a point to prioritize their own needs over others. This stems from fear of being open and honest with their thoughts. They associate having confidence in their opinions with arrogance and often stress themselves out with overthinking that can result in headaches, migraines or even flu. This is troubling because it affects their entire well being and may overeat or skip their meals out of stress. Their time management is a mess and getting their life in order will become a bigger struggle than yesterday. Working with Blue Aventurine, you will start facing your fears of putting your trust onto others. They cannot do you any harm if you do not allow them. Easier said than done, that is your first challenge. By understanding that you can have control over your boundaries, this will encourage you to speak up from a place of love and truth. You do not want to win battles. You do not need to persuade others. You just need to let others know what are your struggles and how you can do better with their cooperation. If their attitude throws you off into a fit of anger, it may catch you off guard and having to work with expressing yourself again can be difficult. Nonetheless, have patience with yourself and others. Do not attempt to sour the relationship but instead find the courage to retreat and recover. Know that this is challenging for them as it is for yourself so try to work out a plan with them in harmony. Work things out clearly with a documented agreement and if a part of the plan falls through, you both will need to be accountable for the mistakes made. Lastly, make it known where your limits are to help along with getting past your challenges.      

Preferably for Earth elemental industries like Gardening, Education, Healthcare, Architecture, Teaching or Real Estate. It will help to put a strong footing and foundation to your finances in your career. Rewards will come easier to those whose accomplishments are recognized through the word of mouth.

Activated Chakras
This stone works with 5 areas of your Chakras namely your Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakra. It is supported by your Solar Plexus Chakra, Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakra to provide healing on your Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra. 

Chakra Health
If your Crystals/Stones Pendulum does a clockwise spin, you can rest assured that you are in the right vibrations through your healing state on its properties. An anti-clockwise spin indicates the lack of awareness, acceptance or understanding of the matter. This means you should meditate more to work on balancing your chakras and finding your answers.

Crystal Care
Highly recommended to cleanse and charge it with moon water first before activating the charge with a Throat Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowl. If using a Clear Quartz Singing Bowl, you can use it to charge your crystal without using moon water. Cleansing the crystal still requires water only.

Read "Why I only use Water, Moon, Wood and Sound for Cleansing and Charging Crystals" to Understand deeper on proper care with Crystals

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