How to use your Crystals/Stones Pendulum to communicate with Entities?

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How to use your Crystals/Stones Pendulum to communicate with Entities?

Using the Crystals/Stones Pendulum is a receiver and transmitter tool used for several purposes in divination. Some have used it for Cleansing, Healing or even Navigating a lost object.

Personally, I use it to for 2 purposes. 1 for communicating with my Human Spirit Guides, Spirit Animal and Animal Totems. 2 is for sensing the energies of my Crystals/Stones and checking up on my Chakra imbalances.

The Pendulum works extremely well for people who are intuitive or sensitive to energies. But even if you are not, the fear of not trusting your Pendulum can be conquered through lots of practice and patience.

In a scientific point of view, the movements are manipulated by the thoughts of your mind in conjunction with your eye to finger reactions. Depending on what you think the answers should be, you can potentially change the movements you feel more attuned to. Try it!

Today we will learn how to use the Crystals/Stones Pendulum as a communication tool for your Human Spirit Guides, Spirit Animal and Animal Totems.

If you are not sensitive to energies, it is suggested to use the Pendulum with your eyes closed. It can help remove eye to finger reactions that may alter the movement of your pendulum swings. It also helps to empty your mind after you ask a specific question, with the focused intent of keeping your hand still.


PLEASE DO NOT test your pendulum by asking questions you already know the answers to.

The beauty of working with the Crystals/Stones Pendulum is to trust that there is an entity within that can potentially give you answers that you seek. It also helps to build on your intuition and allow your free and open mind to receive messages from them.

How to Start? 

First, hold onto the tip of your Pendulum chain very lightly... as minimal contact as you can! Begin by resting your pendulum on a flat surface or table to stabilize its erratic movements caused by hand. Lift it up slowly and ask your Pendulum to execute a movement or reaction upon "Yes" or "No" replies. You can speak to your pendulum aloud or silently in your heart. It really doesn't matter! Once you have asked the question, give it some time before confirming on the specific movement. It can either rock back and forth, left to right, right to left, in rotational clockwise, anti-clockwise or no movement at all. Move on once you get an answer! Do not stay stuck in reconfirming the movements over and over again, unless the movements between "Yes" and "No" is too similar. This should not take you too much of your time. The more you let your logical thoughts control the movement of your pendulum, the more you get confused. And that is it! Nothing overly complicated or intimidating so try not to overthink it. Once you feel more confident with using the Pendulum, you will find yourself naturally talking to your guides as if it is your friend and truth is they are!

Lastly, ALWAYS keep yourself energized and healthy when using the pendulum. You need to remain clear minded, unaffected by your emotions when asking these questions. Take a rest if you find that your Pendulum is acting strangely. Find a quiet spot in your space, uninterrupted by influences around you to put your focus on your Pendulum and your question.

P.S: I use my Pendulum in public toilets pretty often! haha

With that, I end this little writeup and I hope this has opened many doorways of communicating with your Human Spirit Guides, Spirit Animal and Animal Totems! REMEMBER your hand should not be moving the pendulum!!! xoxo

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