What and Why use Positivity Sprays?

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What and Why use Positivity Sprays?

You have probably learnt that you will need to Cleanse and Charge your crystals on every Full Moon. Overtime, you may also struggle to perform these tasks on every Full Moon because of personal work, time and commitment.

You may use Positivity Sprays to...
- Cleanse negative energies from people who have direct contact with your crystals and recharge them back to full energetic strength again.

- Bring it out with you to Cleanse and Charge crystals on anytime of the day. It is perfectly fine not to perform them on Full Moon day since the Positivity Spray already embodies the energies of the Full Moon.

- Cleanse the energies within your space to invite positive vibrations for your Meditation practice.

Positivity Sprays are a quick fix and life savior whenever you are met with any sort of negativity. Sometimes it may even proof to be more useful than having crystals with you as crystal energies deteriorate overtime.

These homebrewed Positivity Sprays are prepared on every Full Moon only to ensure the energies used to Cleanse and Charge your crystals are during it's highest point of invoking transformation into your life.

However if given a unique situation to overcome specific personal struggles, it is recommended to get the Custom Positivity Spray. Please understand that the Custom Positivity Spray option is open for my Tarot Reading clients only.

These Positivity Sprays are also invoked with different spell purposes to help assist you in different areas. A total of 8 different types namely Allure, Protection, Prosperity, Focus, Love, Clarity, Communication and Opportunities. If you are unsure of what to get, please refer to our Instagram Numerology Readings on every New Moon for a suitable Positivity Spray.

Kindly use your Positivity Sprays generously to overcome your stresses, especially on days when it is harder for you to get by. It is also very important to complete your bottle of Positivity Spray before the next Full Moon as the current Full Moon energies within will help you to benefit and atune your energies better for that specific month.

On difficult months, it is highly recommended to complete 2 bottles of Positivity Sprays instead of just 1. We all struggle with different levels of challenges and therefore more dosage may be needed for your situation. If you should find that there is still aplenty left before the next Full Moon, you can use them in your bath/shower to complete the dosage or spray it on every corner of your home to perform cleansing of negative energies.

I hope with this simple explanation on Positivity Sprays, you will find this to be a useful tool for your daily troubles of cleansing and charging. May this bring Hope and Joy into your crystal healing journey!

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