Himalayan Quartz

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Himalayan Quartz

The majestic beauty of the Himalayan Mountains is a spiritual site for meditation and prayers, mainly visited by Tibetan Buddhist monks/nuns who live there and study Buddhist scriptures daily. People who travel to the Himalayas was said to be overwhelmed by it's enormous scale, putting you in perspective of how small your troubles truly are.

In Yoga, Samadhi is considered to be the state in which an individual and the universal consciousness unite. The word Samadhi comes from the words “Sama” meaning Equanimity and “dhi” meaning Buddhi or the Intellect. It is a blissful and calm state of mind, releasing the self from ego, undisturbed by emotions such as desire or anger. Thereby making the Himalayan Mountains a favourite meditation retreat to many Yoga practitioners for a life changing experience on personal growth and self actualization. The Pink Samadhi Himalayan Quartz is then believed to have adsorbed the strong energies of Samadhi within these mountains.

To use Pink Samadhi Himalayan Quartz, you can place it in a workplace or meeting room to help soften the stresses in a fast paced or disruptive environment. They are also relationship crystals, in support of love and passion between partners. Other relationships like family and friendship can also benefit greatly in promoting good communication and understanding. For practitioners, the Pink Samadhi Himalayan Quartz can also cultivate strong connections with Angels, Ancestors, Spirit Guides and Animal Totems. The Green Chlorite Himalayan Quartz is also a powerful crystal that connects you to the healing Earth energies of the Himalayan Mountains. It helps to remove unwanted emotional energies, by purifying and detoxifying your Aura and Chakra. Thus giving you positive energies to resolve issues of the heart and remove any resistance that will allow one to Acknowledge, Forgive, Release, and Move Forward.


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